War On Men: How the Free Market Has Helped Women Excel in the Work Place


For many men in the Atlanta searching for jobs, they will have to settle for less money than their female co-workers. According to a study produced by Reach Advisors, men entering the workplace will earn 83% of what a female will earn for the same job and with the same experience. Male students attending one of Atlanta’s three major universities (Georgia Tech, Georgia State, or Emory) wanting to stay in “the Phoenix City” will be plagued by gender equality for must of their working lives, according to some progressive estimates. Despite these openly sexist statistics, civil rights activists have remained completely silent.

The trend is not only in Atlanta. In the Memphis, Tenn.,TN area, men earn 84% of what women would earn. Recent male college grads at the University of Miami wanting to stay in the warm city will earn 87% of what women will earn. In the Richmond area, men will earn only 89% of what women will earn. Male graduates of Duke University wanting to stay in the Raleigh-Durham area earn only 87% of what there female colleagues will make. All in all, men wanting to live in the economic capitals of the old South (SC, NC, VA, GA, FL, TN) will be plagued by gender equality that may hinder their ability to work and support a family. Many men are considering becoming “stay at home dads” as they are being driven out of the workplace by women who are hiring women over men and offering women higher wages then men for no reason other then because of gender.

Civil rights activists should be appalled by these numbers. Women and men should earn the exact same salary, proportional to their education and experience. Conservative law makers, unwilling to interfere with the free market, have failed to help these troubled men earn equal wages. Many Southern men are fleeing to Northern cities, where progressive law makers are more likely to defend their rights.

It should be no coincidence that the state leading the charge for men’s inequality, Georgia, also has the most corrupt state house according to a MSNBC report. Corporations in Atlanta, many governed by female CEOs, are trying to prevent justice from being given to men that otherwise would be able to pursue their dreams. For many of these men, a preference for women over men has served as the sole reason for their struggle. This has been noted by many credible journalists, as one Time journalist wrote, “Is there an equivalent to Title IX for men?” As a citizen of Atlanta, I am personally calling to our legislature and governor, Nathan Deal, to end this travesty before it’s too late and a generation is lost to a wave of inequality.  

Yes, much of this is satire. I am proud that these women gained this thresh-hold through hard work, and not legislative remedy. The conservative politicians in Georgia are not “waging a war on women” by trying to reduce the great strides. Instead, they are allowing the women that chose, out of their own free will, to pursue work while many of the men decided to be lazy and not work as hard. Several of these men are now filling roles that women used to fill. Most of this has little to do with yelling or screaming, but because people want to hire the best people in Atlanta – they don’t care if they are a man, a woman, white, black, Hispanic, or some combination. It’s all about results that drive the end game in business, and if the government steps in to stop them from hiring the best, it is worse for all of us.