12 Shocking Photos Showing Why Egypt Won't Have Democracy Anytime Soon


The horrible clashes between the military and the supporters of ousted President Morsi in Egypt have become so vicious that hundreds have died as a result. Gunmen reportedly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood recently killed 25 Egyptian police officers in cold blood, while 36 detainees held by the military were killed by security forces in what was called a failed escape attempt, but might have been a cold-blooded execution.

It is clear that the violence is being perpetrated on both sides of the conflict, but much of the overwhelming force comes from the military. By not giving way to elections as quickly as possible, the Egyptian military has set itself up to have a long, violent struggle before democracy returns to the country. A plan for implementing elections in the future is unclear, and without any kind of guide to democracy, the Egyptian government will be walking blind. The violence and bloodshed also means support for the interim government could completely crumble and full-out civil war could unveil in Egypt.

1. Egyptian Supporters of Morsi Run From Security Force Firing

2. A Badly Injured Protester Lies Down As Military Clears a Sit-In Camp

3. The Military "Escorts" a Protester Out Of a Mosque

4. Protesters Gather Around a Wounded Egyptian

5. Egyptian Reacts After a Man is Shot By the Security Forces

6. A Police Vehicle is Pushed Off the Bridge By Protesters

7. Egyptian Soldiers Guard An Entrance to Tahrir Square

8. A Soldier Talks to a Woman Brandishing a Stick As a Weapon

9. A Man Looks At the Dead

10. Police Throw Tear Gas At a Protest

11. Civilian Aims At Crowd While Military Watches

12. Isn't This Martial Law?