Alleged Killer James Edwards Jr: "90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM."


A senseless shooting in Duncan, Okla. has left a college student dead, a community in shock, and the Australian government outraged. After the group allegedly involved in the drive-by shooting were arrested and questioned, one member revealed their motive: "We were [just] going to kill someone."

That someone was 23-year-old Christopher Lane of Australia, who was in the U.S. pursuing his dream of attending college and playing baseball. Lane was out for a jog when three teens aged 15-17 drove by, targeted Christopher, and shot him in the back.

What is clear is that this case demands further investigation, and hopefully will receive more media coverage so the debate about violence in communities around the U.S. continues. Whether the killing is black on black, white on black, black on white, or brown on black, steps must be taken at all levels of government to make sure that there are fewer Christopher Lane-type killings in our country.

The killing has prompted many in Australia to call for tourists to boycott visiting America. Former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer called the act "murder mayhem on Main Street USA" before launching into a TV tirade about American gun culture.

Two of the three assailants were black, prompting two journalists to compare Christopher Lane to Trayvon Martin. Rush Limbaugh referred to the motive of the three killers to "go shoot a white guy" on his radio show. Limbaugh also went on to say, "this is Trayvon Martin in reverse, only worse. This was nowhere near self-defense. This was cold-blooded, first-degree, recreational, for the fun of it because they were bored, murder." Part of what Limbaugh is saying is true, but the comparison to Martin certainly requires more investigation as the facts are still coming out. Ed Henry, a Fox News White House correspondent, asked Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest for a statement on the killing. Earnest said that he hadn't heard about the incident. Henry followed up by asking if Obama spoke out on the Martin case, why was he remaining silent on this one?

One of the alleged killers, the 15-year-old James Edwards Jr., tweeted, "with my n****s when it's time to start taken life's" three days before the shooting, and can be seen in online videos striking glorified poses while holding guns. Back in April, Edwards also apparently tweeted, "90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM." Limbaugh is quick to point out that these black men purposefully targeted and killed a white person, but also calls the murder "wanton." It's still unclear if the alleged killers were purely motivated by race in this killing. Regardless, this trend of senseless murder must end in our country one way or another.