7 Companies That Have to Lay Off Employees to Deal With Obamacare


In recent months, Obamacare has hit innumerable roadblocks, including strong opposition from unions and multiple delays in implementing its provisions. However, one overarching problem with the law is its mandate that companies “offer health care coverage to employees who work at least 30 hours a week.” This may sound great in theory, as it means health care coverage for everyone, right? Wrong.

What this actually means is that unemployment will skyrocket. Rather than pay for employee health insurance and exploding premiums, it makes much more sense for these businesses which are already struggling under President Obama’s crushing regulations and taxes, to lay off workers, or reduce workers’ hours below the 30 hour per week mark. If you think unemployment is bad now, take a look at how much worse it is going to become. Innumerable companies are making big changes because of taxes implemented by Obamacare, while others are laying off workers. Will your company be next?

1. The Government

That’s right. Government is crushing itself by implementing Obamacare. The law is forcing innumerable localities to fire workers or reduce their hours, including towns and counties in New Jersey, Texas, Florida, and Virginia. Rather than pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees implemented by Obamacare, many governments are choosing the more fiscally salient option of laying off workers or reducing their hours. 

2. UPS

The delivery company recently made the decision to take workers’ spouses off insurance plans, due to Obamacare. 

3. The University of Virginia

UVA will also be dumping spouses from their health care plans. One wonders what effect this will have on UVA’s education, and that of other colleges. St. Petersburg College is also cutting “hours for employees to reduce costs in order to meet the mandates of Obamacare.” So much for Obama caring about education. 

4. Subway

Subway and Wendy’s are both cutting hours because of Obamacare, while Papa John’s intends to increase prices due to the law. 

5. Almost Half of All Small Businesses

Obamacare is literally stifling growth of small businesses. A study found that almost half of small businesses intend to freeze hiring because of the business-killing law. Who needs business competitors when you have Obamacare?

6. Public Schools

Once again, Obamacare’s detriments are not limited to the private sector. Indiana schools are firing workers due to penalties implemented by Obamacare. 

7. Bakery Owners

Obamacare isn’t easy as pie nor is it a piece of cake. The owners of Baked in the Sun say Obamacare will cut their profits in half, largely due to immensely higher premiums.