Meet the Real-Life Power Ranger Keeping Tokyo's Subway Riders Safe

He’s strong, dressed in green, and beloved by children. Real-life Power Ranger Tadahiro Kanemasu has spent three months helping the elderly, families with children, and those lugging heavy packages in Tokyo subway stations. Known for his generosity and community service, the 27-year-old Japanese man dresses in a Green Ranger suit, and calls himself the Carry Your Pram Ranger. You can see his work in this video:

Tokyo's subway stations don’t have elevators or escalators, so Kanemasu helps people carry their luggage up long flights of stairs. While people were leery of him at first, subway riders have gradually warmed up to him over the past three months. Kanemasu still gets quizzical looks, but has also developed a fan base. A lot of people walk up to him for photographs, and he is especially popular with kids.

Kanemasu has a regular job at a grocery store, so the community superhero hopes to enlist fellow volunteers to complete his Power Ranger team. According to Kanemasu's colleagues, there are already candidates for the roles of Pink and Red Ranger.