This Is the Side of Egypt That You'll Never See in the News


When a revolution or a war erupts somewhere in the world, what we see is guns, rebels and death. But have you ever wondered how everyday life of ordinary citizens has to keep going, amongst the warfare? Here are some recent pictures from Egypt full of tragedy that show how people manage to live through all hardships.

1. No one cares about the war

A Russian tourist in Mersa-Matruh, a town in northern Egypt, apparently took this picture. It shows just how much local residents and tourists care about the turmoil, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Gen El-Sisi. 

2. Life goes on even if tanks are in town

This image from the AP shows a woman walking past a soldier guarding Tora prison where ex-president Mubarak was held.

3. Egypt's Coptic Christians

When four young men set a Coptic Catholic Church on fire in Mallawi, upper Egypt, Father Malak Girgis Ishaaq (in the picture) sought refuge with his Muslim neighbors. The church was practically burned and looted, and people no longer come here because fear they could be attacked again. Ishaaq is the only one who continues to come here to pray.

4. Evening prayer

Taken at pro-Morsi rally, this picture shows people taking a break from protesting for an evening prayer.

5. Life amidst rubbles

A woman talks on the phone as she walks next to destroyed tents outside the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque, where supporters of Egypt's ousted President Morsi had a protest camp in Cairo.

6. Rabaa massacre

A man cries as he finds a half-burnt Quran in Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque.

7. Work amidst fire

Among protesters are photographers who are doing their usual job as though nothing dangerous is happening around them. Unfortunately, one of them was later killed by a gunshot to the head.