One Chart That Shows the Devastating Effects Of the Assault On Reproductive Freedom


The Huffington Post published findings of its survey that investigated trends in access to and services available at abortion clinics from 2010-2013 as a result of anti-abortion laws. The article implicates the usual round up of controversy on the topic surrounding the safety, protocol, and morality of abortion services. Regardless of where you think you stand on the issue of abortion, the country needs to brace itself for the potential fallout of restricting abortion, which could include increased poverty and strain on government resources.

Anti-abortion laws present a moral high ground for which we supposedly value the life of mother and child above all else. Yet, forcing women to carry their unwanted babies to term could result in neglect and the inability to benefit from a full range of health care services. Are we not all free and endowed with the voice of reason? The UN declaration of human rights says so, and the Constitution coincides with it. Why then, should an individual's choice to abort be governed by those who do not foot the bill of pregnant women in the long run?

Except, ironically, they do foot the bill. The 11 billion dollar cost of inadequate family planning is far greater than a procedure that could cost between between $350-$1,000. The comparison is apples to oranges. A life that thrives is one that has fair access to the resources needed to sustain it. Forcing women to give birth instead of supporting their families violates the American values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It also drives women, more so than men, to a life of poverty.

Every American is raised in a world of pro-life, pro-choice dichotomy. Generically speaking, if you are pro-life, you value all life, and if you are pro-choice, you value the ability of people to make choices. Americans appreciate, crave, and demand from life and the freedom of choice. These two values are complimentary. However, with regards to abortion, these complimentary values have morphed into a rivalry.

The world of politics has arrested purposeful development of families long enough. We need to re-engage the political consultation process and get rid of politicians who choose to impoverish our citizens through the state-sanctioned violence against families.