The Awkward Photo John Kerry Doesn't Want You to See


The White House is moving closer to military action in Syria, with many reports outlining that war is imminent.

Although President Obama hasn’t yet decided how to deal with Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry used his harshest language yet on Monday, accusing the Syrian government of committing a “cowardly crime” and a “moral obscenity” by using chemical weapons to attack civilians. There’s just one problem for Kerry: An awkward photo is going viral showing him and his wife having a cozy dinner with the Assads in 2009.

In February 2009, before the proverbial Sh*t hit the proverbial fan, Kerry led a delegation to engage Syria. It was a "frank exchange" of ideas and talk about the possibility of peace in the region.

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According to AFP, Assad told his visitors that future relations should be based on a "proper understanding" by Washington of regional issues and on common interests.

Apparently, Kerry praised Assad as a “very generous man” back in 2011, something which conservatives reminded us of ahead of Kerry’s State Department nomination.

So here we are. Today, experts believe President Obama is likely to order a limited military operation in Syria – a cruise missile strike on military targets – rather than a sustained air campaign to topple President Assad. Whether or not military action will actually work is an entirely different question.

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