The One Video That Shows Why We Need To Care About What's About To Happen in Syria


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What's happening in Syria is absolutely heart-wrenching. Over the course of a two-year period, countless massacres and bombs have killed an estimated 100 000 people. At the moment, the United Nations is reporting that the civil war has created 2 million refugees, half of which are children. As there is growing suspicion that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons to wage a war against its people, most of what's come out of the country has been horrifying...until this clip came along. As Max Fisher puts it in his piece for the Washington Post, this might be "the first truly heartwarming video from Syria in a long time."

Skip the video to 1:21, to see the father coming out of the house, barely believing his own eyes at the sight of his son, who he had believed to be dead from a chemical attack. If you can stick around until 3:50 and not cry when he's holding his son on his lap while warmly embracing him, I am jealous that you can keep that much composure. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be blowing my nose loudly while wishing I had worn waterproof mascara today.

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