Search Data Shows Us Just Who Likes What in Each Of the 50 States


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Much of America is outraged at the NSA for its collection of private citizens' phone and Internet records. Basically what the NSA has been doing for the past decade is gathering and storing large quantities of information while analysts sift through leads for terrorist activity.

But the plot thickens …, an Internet porn site that aggregates explicit videos for free perusal, has gathered some sensitive user data of their own. The results are shocking.

Everyone's favorite extracurricular website gathered user information based on the state where each person accessed the website from. Every time a user searched for a specific type of porn, for instance "brunette" or "lesbian," that term was tallied by the state it was searched from. From this Pornhub has determined what gets citizens of each state going.

There are more than a few noteworthy results with serious political ramifications.

Image Credit: Business Insider

I gathered Pornhub's "fun data" on all 50 states and compared viewing preferences against the backdrop of which presidential candidate states voted for in 2012. States that Romney won are considered Republican (red), and states that Obama won are defined as Democrat (blue).

The average amount of time a user spent watching videos on Pornhub across the U.S. was 10 minutes 51 seconds. Of the 23 states that enjoyed Pornhub's "goods and services" for longer than the national average, 16 of those went to Republicans in 2012 and only 7 went to Democrats. Most of these 16 red states were from the South.

Not only do red states value their time on Pornhub more than blue ones, they also seem obsessed with the search term "creampie." That specific term made the top three searches in 18 of 24 conservative states. The six exceptions — Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, and South Dakota — were more excited by age related terms like "milf", "wife", and "teen." But don't worry Republicans; "creampie" was a top three most searched terms in every single swing state, all of which went blue in 2012.

Blue states in the Northeast seem captivated with "college" porn, and the farther West you go the higher the rate that states are searching for "Asian"; we see you California, Washington, and Hawaii.

There were also a few thought-provoking outliers. West Virginia, the state with the third highest obesity rate in the U.S., enjoys watching Pornhub's "big beautiful women." For some reason people in Wyoming like to search for "smoking," and Kentuckians love their animated "hentai" porn. On a side note, Nevada has a strange obsession with pornstar Anita Queen, making it the only state with a person in their top three searches. Business must be booming these days for Ms. Queen.

Let's not forget to give a round of applause to Mississippi. Porn viewers in the Magnolia State spent more average time on than any other state in the union, while Rhode Islanders spent the least amount of time on the site.

Pornhub is the same website that asked its users to vote on who is the hottest woman in public scandals. The winner was Ashley Dupre, ex-escort to former New York Governor and current New York City Comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer. The former NY Confidential employee received 41% of the vote in Pornhub's national poll, trouncing infamous White House intern Monica Lewinsky by 22 points.

It's great to see Pornhub not only interested in entertaining its users but also courageously dedicated to putting out accurate, sensible polling data so that society can make better informed decisions.

How does your state measure up?