Bobby Rush removed from the House in Trayvon Martin hoodie protest


Representative Bobby Rush of Illinois was forced from the House floor after dawning a hoodie to protest racial profiling.

Between the Trayvon Martin case and brutal murder of an Iraqi woman in California, Shaima Al Awadi, a nationwide outcry against racial discrimination and hate crimes has reached all levels of society.

Starting with protests in Florida, the fervor quickly spread amongst youth across the nation. Massive protest marches and demonstrations have occurred like the A Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin in New York, and similar massive protests in cities such as Philadelphia, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Many prominent human rights and civil liberty groups – like the NAACP and members of New Black Panther Party – have denounced this tragedy. The tragic death of a boy and the legality of George Zimmerman’s claims have been superseded by the attention given to race relations involved in the case.

The fervor has now reached the highest levels of government in recent days. President Barack Obama has recently addressed the tragedy that occurred in Florida last month.

Earlier today in an address to the House of Representatives, Rep. Bobby Rush has voiced his support in those who have been demonstrating against racial profiling across the nation. He clearly states, “Racial profiling has to stop, Mr. Speaker.”

Rush takes his ardor one step further. In the middle of his speech, he says, “just because someone wears a hoodie, does not make them a hoodlum.” During this statement he removes his suit jacket to reveal a hoodie underneath and pulls the hood over his head. To top it off, Rush puts on sunglasses as well.

Bobby Rush was removed from the floor for violating a clause that prohibits the wearing of hats in the Chamber when the House is in session.

This is just the latest incident in a whole line of events protesting against an alleged recent resurgence in racism in the United States.