The Fox News Clip That Will Outrage Anyone Who Thinks Transphobia Is Wrong


If you thought most major news outlets did a terrible job of respectfully covering Chelsea Manning, wait until you hear what Fox News tried to pull off. When showing a split screen of Chelsea Manning's "before and after" picture (which is pretty offensive as it is), they also made sure to be as insensitive as possible, and accompany it with Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady". To make things even worse, the "Fox and Friends" anchor also referred to her as Bradley, instead of Chelsea. If you need to see it, to believe it, here's the clip. Warning: this will make you very very angry.

Although most cable news channels and the AP and NYT have now adopted a formal policy that refers to Chelsea Manning with female pronouns, CNN refuses to show this minimum amount of respect because she has "not yet taken any steps toward gender transition through surgery or hormone replacement therapy." So in others words, if you're trans, CNN will determine what your gender is thankyouverymuch. An estimated 41% of trans folks attempt suicide. We shouldn't be surprised that so many of them don't feel welcome in this world, when the media goes out of its way to make a mockery of their lived existence and humanity.

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