If You Knew This Unbelievable Fact About McDonald's CEO, You Would Go On Strike Too


Did you know that McDonalds's CEO made $8.75 million in 2011. Not surprised? What if I told you that it means he takes home 580 times more money than his average worker? Can you believe that most employees only make $15,080 per year, while the salary of a fast-food executive is $25,000 per day?

That's what Sally Kohn discovered when she dug up the numbers. What she found is that despite an increase in profits since the 2008 recession, none of that money has trickled down to its workers. In her article for Women in the World's website, she cites a few powerful statistics, like that 88% of the economic-recovery gains since the crash in 2008 lined corporate pockets, where just 1% went to employee's wages.

The fast-food industry doesn't just take advantage of low-income workers, it also operates along gender and racial lines. As Sally Kohn demonstrates in her piece, women of color are disproportionally affected by its exploitative practices.

"People of color make up 32 percent of the total American workforce, but a disproportionate 42 percent of minimum-wage earners. And in the restaurant and fast-food industries, the majority of those workers are women of color — who, studies show, are paid 60 percent less than their male counterparts. Over 13 percent of food-industry workers rely on food stamps to feed their own families, almost double the rate of workers in other industries," Kohn writes. "Millions of food workers are struggling to raise a family while making just $7.25 an hour, or sometimes less," she concludes.

If you're concerned about your tax dollars, remember that a lot of them have been used to bail out the big players, not the ones being exploited at the bottom.


Source: The American Prospect

That's why August 29th National Strike Against Low Pay Day is so necessary. It's imperative that we listen to the voices of the fast-food workers going on strike in more than 60 cities across the nation. If we don't support them, who will?

Share this story, sign the Moveon.org petition asking corporate food chains to pay their employees a living wage and make your voice heard.

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For a full analysis, check out Sally Kohn's piece.

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