Bashar al-Assad's Son Hafez Assad Just Wrote This Facebook Post, and It's Insane


This Facebook post is said to be written by the 11-year-old son of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The post almost begs the United States to launch an attack against Syria, giving a peak into the the mindset of Syria’s ruling elite on the eve of a potential Western strike in response to a chemical weapons attack on Aug. 21.

The post was "liked" or commented on by several people who appear to be the children and grandchildren of other senior members of Assad’s government. 

One commenter wrote: “Like father like son! Well said future President!”


It is unclear if the Facebook post is authentic, and was actually written by Hafez Assad. The post is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. A Syrian journalist with extensive knowledge of these Facebook accounts has reportedly verified their authenticity.

For all of it's pro-war, megalomaniacal rhetoric, the post — when boiled down — does actually make some good points. Launching any attack against Syria could result in significant political, economic, strategic, and social blowback against the U.S. 

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