Shocking Footage From Syria Captures Innocent Children With Napalm-Like Burns


Warning: this story contains graphic imagery.

Just one day after the British government has decided to retreat from intervening in Syria, the situation appears to have taken a dramatic turn after video footage has raised suspicious of napalm attacks.

This video shows the aftermath of an incendiary bomb dropped by a plane on the residential area in Urum al Kubra. It hit a playground and schoolhouse containing scores of children.

Although the doctors on the scene said that the burns suffered by the victims looked like napalm injuries, the reports have not yet been confirmed.

Napalm is a dangerous weapon that was used during the Vietnam War and World War II. It sticks to human skin and causes very rapid and serious burns. Although the substance is not outlawed, the United Nations determined that "the gel's use on concentrations of civilians a war crime."

Ian Pannell , the cameraman who shot the video, said that the children hit by the chemical "arrived like the walking dead."  

The headmaster of the school described the attack as "the most horrific thing" and said he had "never seen anything like this before."

"The worst thing in life is watching someone die right in front of you and you can't do anything," he said. 

Obama is still undecided about whether to strike Syria. What do you think he should do? Does this video change your position on this war?

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