Why Georgetown Students — and Every Undergrad — Should Write For PolicyMic


Rolling out of bed at 9 in the morning, my schedule this summer consisted of prepping my cup of coffee, firing up my computer, and hitting up the news website that has made a huge splash in the world of millennial news, PolicyMic. Working as a for-credit intern at PolicyMic is a transformative experience that I never knew I could get from a journalism institute, especially one where I worked from home.

Through the Journalism Internship program with PolicyMic I experienced a whole new way of thinking about journalism and the art of communicating with others. It was a transformative experience that gave me the skills to improve my writing, research, and to learn the fundamentals to creating a well-done piece, whether breaking news or editorial. My writing skills absolutely improved through the program, and I gained insight on the kind of language that truly conveys reasoning and emotion in a way that captures an audience's attention. The experience was extremely helpful, and thanks to my newfound journalism training and skills I have been able to secure an opinion column in Georgetown University's school newspaper, The Hoya. Classmates, college students, and the world's students-at-large should consider a for-credit internship with PolicyMic in order to expand their vision and understanding of the world of journalism in a way that no other news service can provide while also receiving college credit for their journalistic efforts.

At first, I was not sure how helpful or rewarding writing from home would be. I knew it would be more comfortable than travelling somewhere and guzzling away cash on gasoline or bus passes, but I never expected the experience to allow me to really diversify my expertise on a variety of issues or to really provide me with a huge cache of research skills.

But in fact, PolicyMic and Breaking News editor Michael Luciano, made the experience surmount my expectations beyond what I had anticipated. I learned so much, I gained so many skills, and I came to understand how important seizing the online news market for millennials really is. PolicyMic creates a system where writers develop the skills to write pieces that are concise, to the point, and that distill news and opinions in a way that offers readers an informative and compelling experience. Working with PolicyMic this summer really exposed me to the power of words, and how they can inspire change, and make a real impact on the world we live in. Take some time and apply to write for PolicyMic! The experience is so worth it!