Texas Father Beat His Daughter's Rapist To Death and Won't Face Charges


The sentiment that fathers will do anything to protect their daughters is legally endorsed in the state of Texas. A 23-year-old father beat Jesus Mora Flores, 47, to death in a secluded shack near Shiner, Texas after the father discovered Flores and his screaming five-year-old daughter with no underwear on.

The father's behavior is valid not only under Texan law, but in ethical terms as well. He defended his daughter from a crime that could have severely impacted her during the rest of her life. If the father felt compelled to kill the man, Texas law is correct to not press charges.

The father had sent his son and daughter to feed their chickens when Flores grabbed the daughter and ran to the secluded barn, the Daily Mail reports. The son hurried to tell his father who upon arriving to the scene, heard his daughter's cry for help. Witnessing Flores and his daughter without underwear led the father to beat Flores unconscious. He then called 911 to report what had happened in his frenzied state.

According to the Independent, the father, who wishes to remain anonymous in order to protect his daughter, has not been indicted as Texas legislation permits the use of deadly force in order to prevent a sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault. Forensic evidence indicates that a sexual assault had taken place, coupled with a witness' report of seeing a man "forcibly" take the five-year-old girl into the barn where the father had to despairingly behold the beginnings of a crime.

The father's call to 911, according to NBC 12, featured him yelling, "Come on! This guy is going to die on me!" These words, along with his testament of what he had witnessed in the shack, indicates that the "remorseful" father acted on his instinct to protect his little girl.

The Lavaca County grand jury supports the father's actions as he did not know that he had killed the rapist at the time of the call. A grand jury will ultimately decide whether or not the father will be indicted.

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