It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 9: 5 Ways the Gang Taught Us to Be Better People


Imagine walking down an alleyway with your friends and all of sudden finding a baby in the dumpster. Quickly, you and your friends exchange a look and know right away what you have to do. You should take the baby back to your bar and not tell the police.

Wait, what?

This is exactly the type of predicaments and rationale used by the gang (Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Dee) on the show It's Always's Sunny in Philadelphia. Tomorrow night is the season premiere of the show's ninth season. I know I will be tuning because the gang never fails to make me feel good about my stupid decisions. In honor of the season premiere, here's a look at the past 8 seasons and how the gang us taught all of us to be better people:

1. Faking injuries or pretending to have cancer to get what (or who) you want is never a good idea

Charlie was in love with a waitress who hated him. His friends decided that they should tell Charlie's waiter friend how he is going to die soon because he has cancer. Charlie did not have cancer and the waiter chick found out. You can guess what happens next.

2. The D.E.N.N.I.S System is not the way to treat a lady

Here is a look at Dennis's foul-proof system at getting any chick's undying love and devotion.

It doesn't work.

3. You cannot live on welfare forever

Dee and Dennis decided to live off of unemployment until they figured out what do with their lives. The quick solution they came up with was that they wanted to exploit government services for as long as possible instead of actually working towards their dreams. Much to their dismay, Dennis and Dee quickly realized that outsmarting the system required more work than an actual job.

4. You can not solve the world's problems using illegal solutions

The gang decided they wanted to solve the gas crisis. To kick start their idea, Charlie, Mac and Dennis went to the bank to a loan. The loan officer didn't seem too impressed. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

5. Never exploit a miracle

If you are lucky enough to witness a miracle, cherish it because you definitely will not make a lot of money off it.