7 Things College Seniors Are Sick of Hearing From Their Parents


Of course, it is every responsible and loving parent's job to hound their children with hackneyed and clichéd pieces of advice. But for college students entering their senior year, some words of wisdom hinder more than they help. Here are seven pieces of parental guidance that seniors know all too well.

1. This Year Will Go By in The Blink Of An Eye.

Trust us, we know. We remember the first day of freshman year as if it was yesterday, and we are sadly aware of how quickly the past three years flew by. Thanks for the reminder that, before we know it, the best four years of our lives will be a thing of the distant past. 

2. It's Time to Start Thinking Seriously About a Career.

We know that college can't last forever, and that we need to plan ahead for entering the job market, but hearing these words out loud feels like salt in a fresh wound. 

3. That Would Look Great On Your Résumé.

Mom and dad, we're way ahead of you. As college students, most of what we've done has been for impressive line on a résumé. But who's counting? 

4. Take Advantage Of Every Minute.

We are.

5. Wait Until You Get Into The Real World.

The real world is a scary place. We know that all too well. Since we were young, we've watched mom and dad leave for work each morning and return exhausted at night, only to wake up hours later to commence the same routine. We have been dreading the day we would inevitably have to assume the same role. Please, for now, let us pretend to forget. 

6. Make Sure You're Eating Right!

While we certainly miss your home cooked meals and favorite recipes, we have been eating on our own for three years now. (Thank you, freshman 15). At this point, we hopefully have it under control. 

7. This Year Shouldn't Be One Giant Party.

Yes, there will be partying, as we attempt to hold on to the last vestiges of our life in the bubble that is college. But parents can rest assured that their hefty investments in our tuition will not go to waste. As intelligent, ambitious, and well-rounded college seniors, we will make sure to balance our intellectual pursuits and extracurricular endeavors with our social lives.