Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 Livestream: Watch New Galaxy Device Updates LIVE

Samung's Unpacked 2013 event will unveil the company's newest technology this Wednesday at 1pm ET, live streaming here. The latest technologies include the Galaxy Note 3, and its newest gadget, the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. The Unpacked event is being held before the international trade conference "IFA 2013" in Berlin.

Samsung is attempting to move forward with a lead in the global smartphone marketplace with today's early announcements. Samsung's smartphone devices recently amassed more than twice the market share of its American competitor, the iPhone. Apple will announce the release of its newest iPhone, the 5s model, as early as September 10. A rumored low cost iPhone "lite" is also predicted to be in the works, seen as a model to help the tech giant compete with Samsung's cheaper devices that have grown in dominance in the smartphone market.