Bashar al-Assad Forces 5,000 Syrians to Flee His Country Every Day


Lost in much of this debate about the Syrian civil war are the Syrian people themselves. They are suffering more than any other nationality in the world right now. Many Syrians face death from Bashar Al-Assad's military, or from any of the increasing number of sectarian militants including members of Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. Besides the conflicts between the government and rebels, sectarian strife, killing, and ethnic cleansing are pervasive in the nation. It's hard for any of Syria's more than 21 million people to know who to trust and who will kill them.

As a result of the continual strife, of the over 21 million Syrians, more than 2 million (and more than half children) have fled Syria. Another 4.25 million have been displaced and forced to flee their homes, but are still within Syria. This number, which marks just under 30% of the entire country, will continue to increase.

The Washington Post reports about 5,000 Syrians flee the country every day and cross the Syrian border into neighboring countries. Jordan is among these neighbors, and one Syrian refugee camp there is now the fourth largest "city" in Jordan.

With all the talk of empires, military-industrial-complexes, intelligence conspiracy theories, political rivalries, and accusations of lying and warmongering, people must remember there is nothing fabricated or made up about these millions of Syrians, many of who are helpless children. They are in dire need of our help.

How can the refugees get better without the world's involvement through strong leadership? As of now, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that assists refugees and internally displaced persons has only raised 40% of the money needed for its response plan (but you can donate here). 

Remember the human face of this war. These are real people who are living and dying in tent cities in a foreign land. Ask yourself if you really believe that the United States, the most powerful country the world, should do nothing to help stop this conflict.