iPhone 5S vs Galaxy Note 3: Which Will Be the Better Phone?


As Samsung is set to release its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3, at today's Unpacked event in Berlin, Apple is expected to release its newest technology on September 10. Here is how the two phones may stack up, according to available leaks.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will undoubtedly dwarf the iPhone 5S in terms of size. The Galaxy Note 3′s display screen is rumored to be as large as 5.7-inches. The iPhone 5S will likely have a 4-inch display, just like the iPhone 5, making the Galaxy Note 3 display a full 1.7-inches bigger. 

Both of devices will be available on a number of different carriers, likely in a similar fashion. The iPhone 5 arrived on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon at the start and it moved to T-Mobile earlier this year as well, and its newest model will follow suit. The iPhone 5 also became available on a host of smaller regional carriers around the country. The Galaxy Note 2 arrived for all five of the largest carriers at the start and the Galaxy Note 3 is already rumored for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

The devices will likely differ when it comes to storage space. iPhone technology is not compatible with external microSD cards, making the Galaxy phones inherantly better for expanded internal storage.  The iPhone 5S should come in 32GB and 64GB variants at least. Prices go up as storage goes up and in the case of Apple. The Galaxy Note 3 on the other hand should come with a microSD card slot to expand storage at a higher and more affordable rate.

The phones will also differ significantly in terms of software. Both use unique systems optimized for their hardware. In the case of the Galaxy Note 3, TouchWiz will offer some unique features for powerful multitasking apps for the device’s large screen. Apple is also expected to release unique software features to help sell it, perhaps connected to the device’s rumored fingerprint reader or innovative camera functions.

Rumors suggest both phones will come with expanded battery life and enhanced camera technology that are upgrades over their predecessors.

Camera advances are likely in the works on both phones, but in different ways. Rumors suggest that the iPhone 5s could have not only dual-LED flash but also two different colors for the dual LED flash, white and yellow, to allow for more natural lighting in images taken on a smartphone. In different advances entirely, the Galaxy Note 3 is thought to have a fantastic camera with rumors suggesting a 13MP sensor and optical image stabilization to significantly improve bluriness in photo and video. Samsung Orb is likely to be Samsung’s take on Android 4.2′s Photo Sphere, a function that allows users to take 360-degree panoramic photos.