Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Price and Release Date: Everything You Need to Know About Samsung's New Device


Samsung released its Galaxy Note 3 phone today along with its newest gadget, the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch at the "Unpacked Live" event being held before the international trade conference IFA 2013 in Berlin.

Samsung's smart gadget for your wrist is the world’s first high-profile smartwatch. While other companies have hinted at attempts to create a smartphone-like wrist piece, Samsung's watch will be the first of its kind. The Galaxy Gear watch will use Bluetooth to connect to any Android smartphone, and will be WiFi enabled so you can check your email whenever you want with a flick of the wrist.

With a 25-hour battery life, the watch is expected to be the most portable smart-technology yet. The Galaxy Gear is will come with speakers integrated into the clasp, and to come pre-loaded with Samsung Voice, Samsung’s equivalent of Apple’s Siri.

According to today's announcement, Samsung's smartwatch is crafted with stainless steel, and the strap is packed with technology yet engineered for comfort. It will be available in 6 different colors, to fit every different style "from formal to playful." You will be able to swipe across the watch face to go between features. It will seamlessly connect with the Galaxy Note smartphone so that users can screen notifications on the watch, but selected content can also be viewed instantly on the phone. Users can answer calls by raising the wrist to the ear. An outward facing camera will allow users to quickly capture images by swiping down on the watch and pointing it at a subject. Another swipe will instantly share the image. The watch will be responsive to body movements, and is designed to last more than a day on a single charge.

"We want to possibilities to be endless," Samsung's Think Tank spokesperson said when introducing the gadget.

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Reports say that Samsung's smartwatch will have a price tag of $299, and will be released as late October 27 in the US and Japan.  Check back here for more updates on Samsung's newest technology as they are announced.