Samsung Announcement: New Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, and Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Released in Berlin


Samsung unveiled three new devices today from Berlin. It released its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3, along with two new gadgets, the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch and the updated Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet. The gadgets were introduced at today's "Unpacked" event before the international trade conference "IFA 2013" conference in Berlin.

The announcement of the three newest devices complete speculation that Samsung is edging to push its main competitor, Apple, in the smart-tech market across devices. Apple is expected to make its own announcement regarding updated devices next week. Samsung's newest announcement indicates the company is pushing to provide a seamless user experience between phone, watch, and tablet devices.

1. Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone

Samsung announced a "slimmer, lighter, and more powerful" phone in its newest Galaxy Note 3 device. It will come in 9 different colors, including a separate holiday collection with a "metallic luster." It will have a 5.7 inch long screen. The Galaxy note S-pen will provide "air command" upon pressure, to enable users to reach a command menu from anywhere on the phone. You will also be able to link up multiple Samsung Note 3 phones in an exciting new feature that will create a larger screen for viewing video.

- 3200 mAh battery life

- Knox security program pre-loaded

- 3 GB RAM

- Available in October in the US and Japan

- Prices not yet released

2. Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung's innovative smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, will enable users to make calls and access e-mails from a wrist-watch device, among other features. The watch is crafted with stainless steel, and the strap is packed with technology but engineered for comfort. It will be available in 6 different colors, to fit every different style, "from formal to playful." You will be able to swipe across the watch face to go between features. It will seamlessly connect with the Galaxy Note smartphone so that users can screen notifications on the watch, but selected content can also be viewed instantly on the phone. Users can answer calls by raising the wrist to the ear. An outward facing camera will allow users to quickly capture images by swiping down on the watch and pointing it at a subject. Another swipe will instantly share the image. The watch will be responsive to body movements, and is designed to last more than a day on a single charge. "We want to possibilities to be endless," Samsung's Think Tank spokesperson said when introducing the gadget.

The Galaxy watch will be available in October in the US and Japan for a reported $299 price.

3. Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1 2014 Edition

A third, more unexpected announcement from Samsung was its newest tablet, the updated Galaxy Note 10.1 for 2014. The device has been re-sized from previous generations, and has built numerous new applications. A "My Magazine" feature will enable social feeds and news to be read in magazine-like format.  More than a dozen free "partner apps" will be available on the new tablet.  The tablet will be smaller and thinner than Samsung's previous device at 7.5 mm thick with a 10.1 inch screen.