Hate Group Turns Gay Rights Symbol Into Homophobic Bumper Sticker


Remember those pink equal signs plastered all over Facebook a few months ago in support of marriage equality? 

The Massachusetts "pro-family" organization MassResistance does, and they're still pretty mad about them. In an effort to combat this flagrant display of tolerance that's been clogging up their newsfeeds, the budding hate group has commandeered the ubiquitous Human Rights Campaign logo and warped it to better fit their anti-gay agenda. "We've just 'come out' with our own sticker," they quip on their website, "that subtly and simply counters [gay] propaganda."

The HRC logo has been in use since 1995, and is one of the most recognizable symbols in the fight for LGBT equality. Originally blue and yellow, a pink version of the logo debuted in March of 2013 to show support for LGBT couples as the Supreme Court heard two marriage equality cases.

According to MassResistance, the logo is a targeted intimidation tactic that "says that [LGBT people are] banded together, that they're everywhere, that their 'equal' is the new normal...The truth is: It's NOT equal."

So if you're "[t]ired of having the homosexual 'equal' sign always thrown in your face," now you can "[s]tick it back at them – and counter the gay agenda – with MassResistance stickers!"

Here's the bumper sticker, in all its pastel glory: 

First thing's first, this is what an unequal sign looks like:

Glad we cleared that up.

MassResistance also offers some helpful tips for where people can put their new stickers when they're ready to flaunt their homophobia: "It fits perfectly on your car between your 'Impeach Obama' and 'NRA' stickers!"

Don't have a car? No problem. You can stick your unequal sign "all kinds of places. It's particularly good for putting on doors and walls in public schools - or better yet, in the State House!" Yeah, let's make sure those public school kids get a side of bigotry with their math classes!

In twisting a symbol of respect and compassionate solidarity into an emblem of intolerance, MassResistance has positioned itself on the wrong side of history. So before everyone gets too sticker-happy, be careful where you put these. Bumper stickers leave a residue, and you'll probably want to peel these off in a few years.