The Aging Of President Obama in 14 Increasingly Grey Photos


Dr. Michael Roizen, a chief wellness officer at a Cleveland Clinic as well as CNN’s resident aging expert once said “the typical president ages two years for every year they are in office.”

It’s certainly believable when you look at some of the more recent former presidents that have served like presidents Clinton and Bush and the aging process they’ve endured. The stress of being president certainly accelerates this process. 

Below are a series of pictures over the life of the presidency of Barack Obama.

1. First Press Conference, February 2009

President Obama is 47 in the picture, but could pass for a 40 year old. 

2. D-Day Commemoration, June 2009

Still 47, but those grays are becoming a little more pronounced.

3. Sprint Cup Championship, August 2009

Eh, not too much of a difference perhaps but he's starting to look like he could pass for 47.

4. Climate Conference, December 2009

It almost looks like he's got less grays, is it the lighting? 

5. DNC Fundraiser, February 2010

you begin to see lines and a kind of weariness on the president's face. 

6. Speech On the Economy, July 2010

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

7. Moving America Forward, October 2010

Although the president's smiling you can see lines and wrinkles manifest themselves. 

8. Meeting With Hu Jintao, Jan 2011

Rounding into his current form. 

9. Alcoa Factory, June 2011

not only are the lines solidifying across his face, but the hair appears to be thinning as well.

10. Army Navy Game, December 2011

At this point he's 50 and he certainly looks the part.

11. Science Fair February 2012

He's got the "George Dubya Squint" going on here. Perhaps part of the presidential aging process?

12. Press Briefing, August 2012

Is the aging process speeding up due to the fact that the 2012 election is coming up?

13. State of the Union, February 2013

Speaking before Congress and key members of the federal government. 

14. Speaking to Media Members On Syria, August 2013

Dear President Obama, I promise that you will age less grey if you keep us out of Syria.