Syria War: Hillary Clinton Syria Statement LIVE Stream

Hillary Clinton offered her first public address in support of the Obama Administration's request for the use of force in Syria on Monday.

"The broader conflict in Syria is threat to regional stability, as well as humanitarian catastrophe," Clinton said in statements made Monday at a White House briefing ostensibly related to wildlife trafficking. "Achieving a political solution is in the interest of the US," she added, indicating her hope that Congress will pass the authorization of the use of force with voting starting Wednesday.

"Russia must support international efforts or be held accountable," Clinton said, likely in response to Russia's proposals Monday to urge Syria to relinquish control of chemical weapons arsenals to international control. Clinton's statements come in conflict with some claims that Russia's proposals should, instead, be taken seriously as a potential solution and slow U.S. military action.

Daughter Chelsea will follow Clinton in statements about the Clinton Global Initiative's work on international wildlife tracking. Live stream of the event is available here. 

A Clinton aide spoke out last week to indicate Hillary Clinton's support for President Obama's calls for action, but Monday's statements are Clinton's first personal words of support.