George Zimmerman Detained: Wife Says He Threatened Her With Gun


The AP is reporting that George Zimmerman's wife Shellie called police Monday afternoon, claiming Zimmerman threatened her and her father, Colin Morgan, with a gun. The couple is in the midst of filing for divorce. Police detained Zimmerman. His estranged wife is declining to press charges.

According to court documents, the couple separated Aug. 13. She told ABC News during an interview that her husband has only spent a few nights at home since his acquittal in July.

Zimmerman is being held at the home of a relative under "investigative custody" by Florida police, according to CNN. Florida TV station SKY 6 helicopter video footage of the scene shows at least six police squad cars stationed outside the house.

"There was some kind of a domestic [event], we know that with his wife and father-in-law. Apparently there were some weapons involved and threats," the deputy police chief in Lake Mary Steve Bracknell told ABC News. "We've only heard one side of the story so far," the police chief added.

Mr. Zimmerman has been pulled over at least twice for speeding since his acquittal, but has not been charged with any crime related to Shellie's allegations as of 4pm Monday.

Zimmerman's wife Shellie has herself plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of perjury during bond hearings last year regarding the family's finances. She allegedly told a judge that the couple had no money, when they reportedly had received large sums of money from internet donors wishing to aid in Mr. Zimmerman's legal defense. 

9/11 audio from Shellie's call is available here.

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Update: Wife of George Zimmerman Shellie is not planning to press charges after police were called to a domestic dispute on Monday, according to Florida police

Latest update as of 4:45 pm ET, Monday Sept. 9, 2013.