Apple iPhone Announcement LIVE: New iPhone Released


Apple is unveiling its newest devices and software in a release event this Tuesday, September 10. Reports suggest that Apple will unveil two new phone models (the 5s, and a low-cost "5c" version of the popular iPhone) as well as a new iPad model. The company is also expected to release its newest software design, iOS7.

The event begins at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET. Follow this blog for live stream footage of the event, as well as all the latest updates on Apple's newest technology.

The company's release has become a major yearly event in Silicon Valley, drawing large crowds and international media coverage. The success of the Apple's upcoming device release will be formative for the future of the company. Writing in the New York Times' "Bits Blog," Nick Bilton claims the newest unveiling could "make or break" the company that has seen competitors gain momentum in the global smartphone market.  

This year, South Korean competitor Samsung took advantage of leaks about Apple's release to preempt the Apple's event with the unveil of their own gadgets, including the Galaxy Note 3 phone and an innovative smartwatch, Galaxy Gear, in Berlin last week. 

Samsung's smartphone devices recently amassed more than twice the market share of its American competitor, the iPhone. Apple's rumored low cost iPhone "lite" is predicted to be in the works for Tuesday's release as a model to help Apple compete with Samsung's cheaper devices that have grown in dominance in the global smartphone market. 

In the latest last count, Samsung shipped between 72 million and 76 million smartphones last quarter, while its iPhone competitor came in at a mere 31.2 million units. Still, Apple has retained its lead in overall mobile traffic across all devices, including the iPod music player and iPad tablet devices.

iOS 7 is said to be the "most extensive redesign" of Apple's mobile operating system, bringing new features and a brand new design favoring brighter colors.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 5s could have improved camera capability with two different colors for the dual LED flash, white and yellow, to allow for more natural lighting in images taken on a smartphone. Rumors also suggest a new fingerprint-sensing home button may be in the works.  

Revisit this live blog for available information on pricing, release dates, and all of the latest updates on Apple's newest gadgets.

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