Apple iOS 7: Release Date, Rumors, and Updates About Apple's New Software

Apple's newest iOS 7 update will give its new 2013 devices, including the expected iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, a new look and several new features.

From typography to color schemes, to icon and button placement and shapes, expect a range of visual changes with iOS7. 

Safari has been adapted with extra tools for sharing including AirDrop and more advanced and intuitive tab systems. 

The overall coloring and look to the new system will be flatter, cleaner, and will incorporate a unique neon-and-pastel coloring.

Several features, including Apple's featured calendar function, are updated in design and function. Other new features include the ability to block numbers for phone calls, text messages and iMessages, as well as FaceTime calls in all at once. You will also be able to pre-set map routes, and view what applications are trending nearby.

An exclusive early release was available for app developers to install the beta of iOS 7 (for $99). Here is video by PCMagazine about the newest iOS7 updates seen by developers.