UN Security Council Cancels Meeting On Syria At Russia's Request

A United Nations Security Council meeting concerning the situation in Syria was abruptly canceled Tuesday afternoon. According to diplomats on the council, Russia had asked for the meeting but then withdrew its request. Ambassador Gary Guinlan of Australia said the meeting was nixed "following withdrawal of the request for consultations."

The cancellation comes after France signalled its intention to call for the enforcement of preexisting international agreements that Syria would have to abide by or face international military action. 

Optimism at averting a military strike has grown in the wake of a Russian proposal calling for Syria's chemical weapons to come under international control. The Obama administration welcomed the proposal, calling it a "breakthrough."

On Monday, the U.S. Senate postponed a procedural vote scheduled for Wednesday on a resolution calling for the use of force against the Syrian government after it was confirmed to have used nerve gas against civilians. 

President Obama is scheduled to deliver a televised speech from the White House on Tuesday at 9pm regarding the conflict. It is unclear if Russia's cancellation of the Security Council meeting means that it will no longer support an international effort to disarm Syria of its chemical weapons. 

Earlier, Syria's President Bashar al-Assad seemed willing to accept the Russian proposal.