Bill de Blasio Winning — With Help From An Unexpected Bloc


Bill de Blasio is running strong in exit polls, showing a lead in almost every borough and among almost every demographic group. But here's one graphic from the New York Times election returns that might cause you to do a double-take:

Among New Yorkers who approve of the outgoing mayor, the preferred candidate is the one who has railed against economic inequality, promised to end Stop and Frisk, and who has taken a public beating from some of Bloomberg's closest and most trusted aides.

According to the Times, "Higher levels of approval for Mr. Bloomberg were expressed by whites, college graduates, those with higher incomes, Manhattanites, and older voters." Manhattanites and older voters seem to be breaking for Quinn this year, but oddly enough, the stereotypical member of de Blasio's base — white, liberal, upper-middle-class, and living in Brooklyn — looks eerily like the average Bloomberg supporter. Is this just a Battle of the Boroughs?