Christine Quinn Results: We're Calling It, She Lost

With nearly 85% of precincts in, Christine Quinn is faltering at just 15.3% of the vote for the Democratic nominee for New York City mayor and is likely to concede the race in short order.

Trailing NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio (39.5%, 210,819 votes) and former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson (26.2%, 139,545), with just 81,353 votes it's a statistical certainty that Quinn will not qualify for the runoff election.

Quinn was dogged throughout the later stages of the race by a controversial close relationship to outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose tenure over the city has been noted as tight, focused, and effective, but also marked by severe racial and class disparity, as well as overreach of NYC's police services and surveillance apparatus. Quinn additionally suffered immensely for her refusal to let a paid sick leave bill backed by more than eight in 10 New Yorkers languish for three years, in what was seen by many as a clear sellout to wealthy elites tied to the Bloomberg apparatus, as well as controversial efforts to quash a living wage bill which eventually only affected 400-500 city workers after her intervention.