Feminist Naomi Wolfe demonizes Katy Perry over latest music video depicting Perry in the Marines


The feminists are at it again. This past Wednesday, Katy Perry released her latest music video, “Part of Me,” (video below) which depicts Perry dumping her philandering boyfriend and then joining the Marines. In response to this video, feminist author and political consultant Naomi Wolfe called for a boycott of Katy Perry and referred to her video as “propaganda” for the military and wondered if Perry had been paid by the military to make it. Perry, on the other hand, views her video as an empowerment towards women to move on with their lives and not allow men’s actions to dictate the way they live.

This is yet another example as to how today’s feminists have sold their movement to the liberal agenda and are willing to do anything to appease the Democratic Party— even if it’s not what is best for women. It seems to me that a woman joining the Marines would be something feminists should be all about especially if she does it on her own free will. What is more empowering than seeing a woman move on and bettering her self after a crappy relationship?

In August, Gloria Steinem bashed conservative leaders Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann in an interview with ABC news, claiming, “They‘re there to oppose the women’s movement. That’s their job.” Because nothing is more anti-woman than being a strong, political leader and having a family.  Oh wait … that’s what feminists want more of. I’m confused.

There’s also the regular occurrence of National Organization for Women (NOW) endorsing Democratic men over Republican women.  In 2010, NOW endorsed Jerry Brown for governor hours after a recording was released in which Brown called Meg Whitman, the Republican running against him, a whore. This is the same group that often complains about women not being equally represented in Congress… yet their party picked Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary. Yes, NOW did endorse Clinton originally, but their endorsement didn’t mean much, apparently.

I am a conservative woman. I am not huge fan of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, or Geraldine Ferraro, but I have immense respect for them because they are women who have made it in a historically man’s career. I disagree with a lot of their politics, but they have still made it possible for women, even conservative women like myself, to make it politically. The same can be said of Rachel Maddow, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin — all women commentators who broke into the male dominated political arena.

It seems to me that Katy Perry’s latest video and Michele Bachmann’s and Sarah Palin’s public influence actually depicts and fulfills the feminist dream — that women can have both a family and a career, women can better themselves without the aid of a man, and women can pursue a career in any field they want whether it's the military or as an elected official.  Instead of demonizing these women, shouldn’t they be supporting them?

I will become a feminist the day I am convinced they are for the betterment of all women from all  political persuasions and beliefs, and not just another group pushing the liberal agenda.