7 Life Lessons We Learned From Joey Potter


It has been over a decade since Dawson’s Creek filled an hour block on the CW, making Wednesday nights a sacred time for the teenage girls of the 90s. I'm still nostalgic for the time when I followed the lives of the people in Capeside, even though those characters would all be in their 30s now. For me, it’s one of those shows that teaches you something, despite the cheese factor. It’s a silly guilty pleasure, but I’m okay with that.

While the kids from the Creek taught us a lot during their 128 episodes, I think Miss Josephine Potter was the wisest of the group. She chose Pacey over Dawson, after all. (Sorry for the spoiler, but come on, it’s been over 10 years!)

Here are seven life lessons, courtesy our pal Joey.

1. Don't Be Afraid to Wait For the Guy Who Will Buy You a Wall.

Forgive me for starting off the list with a corny lesson, but at least I’m getting it out of the way. I remember watching this episode as a teenager and thinking about the romance behind this gesture. Pacey was showing Joey support for her passion and helping her start out in the best way he knew how. No wonder she ends up with him in the end. 

2. Always Check the Recipient List When Sending Emails, No Matter How Tired You Are.

No, seriously. Even if you think you’ve selected the right person, check again. If it’s a personal email that could be embarrassing on any level if it is sent to your entire school or office, check three more times. 

3. Being Trapped in a Kmart Isn’t Necessarily the Worst Thing.

It turns out that, in addition to helping you rekindle your romance, getting trapped in a Kmart is a fun little getaway. Everything you could ever need is there, and then some. Even so, I must say, I’d prefer to be stuck in a Target. 

4. Take a Leap of Faith: Travel to Paris or Go Sailing For An Entire Summer.

Life is about making memories and experiences. Don’t shy away from something just because it doesn't seem like the most logical or practical thing to do.

5. Circumstances Don’t Make a Person.

No matter your situation, you can still come out on top. Even with a father in prison, a mother who passed away, and bills up to her eyes, Joey Potter managed to find happiness. That may be due to the magic of Hollywood, but the lesson applies nonetheless. 

6. A Lot Can Happen Because of a Karaoke Song.

Karaoke songs can be deeply meaningful, whether you’re reflecting on the past with someone while doing a duet (all while making eyes at someone else), or getting on stage to prove to a fling that you aren’t afraid of taking a risk. 

7. Happiness Can Be Found in New York City.

You’ll have to have a box of tissues handy, because you can’t get through the series finale without shedding a few (hundred) tears, but once you watch it, you’ll see what I mean.