NYC Recount Update: Final Precincts Still Reporting

With 2% of precincts still reporting, and unlikely to change the overall math of the Democratic pimary race for mayor, the NYC recount will get underway after the 9/11 anniversary, with an update coming early next week (the week of September 16 - 22). At that point, the NYC Board of Elections is expected to announce the official, final results.

If de Blasio retains his 40.2% advantage over second place challenger Bill Thompson, he would win the Democratic nomination and go on to face the Republican party's candidate, Joe Lhota in the November 5 general election. If de Blasio cannot retain that margin and falls below 40.0%, he would face Bill Thompson in an October 1 primary runnoff. Some in the NYC Democratic party are callling on Thompson to concede, as he polls well below de Blasio in a potential runoff. 

However, Thompson is unlikely to back down and will see the NYC recount all the way through, until the update and official results are released.

"Three more weeks! Three more weeks!" said Thompson on election night. "This is far from over."