What Your Favorite Literary Heroine Says About You


Literature has an abundance of iconic female leads, and each brings something unique to the table. Rather than focusing on flawed characters such as Bella Swan, we should be looking at our favorite literary heroines. Whether you grew up admiring Elizabeth Bennett or Hermione Granger, your favorite character says a lot about you. Are you violent, proud, or something of a know-it-all? Read on to find out!

1. Elizabeth Bennett of 'Pride and Prejudice'

Like Elizabeth, you’re highly intelligent, thoughtful, and headstrong. The downside of your incredible intellect and other positive attributes? You may be a little snooty, looking down on those you consider inferior without giving them a chance. Try to be patient with people, and become curious about them. With a little time, the people who disgust you may end up becoming your closest allies.

2. Lisbeth Salander of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'

Your methods are harsh, and even cruel, when you need them to be. “Actions speak louder than words” is your motto, and you intend to live by it. Your brilliance is blurred by your slightly violent tendencies, which intimidate many around you. However, deep down, you’re a bit of a broken soul. The silver lining is that you, unlike Batman, are the hero that the world both needs and deserves. 

3. Pippi Longstocking, of 'Pippi Longstocking'

Hello, life of the party! You may not be what your friend’s cousin’s mother wants you to be, but you’re every bit of the woman she is. You’re quirky, fun, and loyal. That teenager who taunts your little brother? Nothing says you can’t TP his house! Though you like to push everyone’s limits, you also know when to get serious, and when you do, you’re unstoppable.

4. Hermione Granger, of the Harry Potter Series

As smart as you are, it’s your relentless need to know everything that makes you unique. Your friends would struggle to navigate the local grocery store without you, let alone a dangerous forest. It’s possible that you were the best student in your grade at some point, or (annoyingly) for your entire life. Although you’re most likely an overly ambitious bookworm who would rather stay in and read than go out and meet people, you still crave adventure. Be careful what you wish for!

5. Hua Mulan, of "The Ballad of Mulan"

You’re an intriguing and mysterious person. Some say you’re a legend, and that you may not even be real. Who are they kidding? You’re the biggest badass in history, and they’re probably just jealous. As much as you enjoy some of the finer (and more feminine) things in life, you aren’t afraid to dress down and learn a trade or two to defend those you love.

6. Katniss Everdeen, of 'The Hunger Games'

You’re not the ugly little duckling you think you are. Everyone loves, admires, and is intimidated by your quiet strength. Your seriousness and ability to control your emotions are why you’re the boss, and why the guys who pine after you aren’t. Your looks aren’t what make you the person you are, and you’d rather it stay that way.

7. Hester Prynne, of 'The Scarlet Letter'

You court controversy. No societal norm is strong enough to hold you down — especially not when those norms clash with what you believe is personally best for you. Although you’re able to hold your own, you sometimes do so even when it's not in your best interest. Those around you might describe you as a hard nut to crack and a little self-destructive, but also incredibly brave.

8. Éowyn, of 'The Lord of the Rings'

There is no such thing as a perfect woman, but you may come close. You’re tenacious, courageous, smart, and way too well-rounded. Even so, things don’t often go your way. As much as you try to keep your spirits up, life keeps knocking you down. Your happy ending will come eventually, but you'll have to fight for it.