Ads Made This Food App a Buttload Of Money


Ask George Constanza: food and sex are a match made in heaven, and Eat24 has shown us why. They have been using various popular porn sites to advertise their mobile food delivery app with great success, and their methods are yielding interesting findings about the human mindset. Whether you're wasting tons of money advertising on search engines or are looking for a particular demographic, advertising on porn sites is a wise investment.

That's right: Pornhub, YouPorn, and a slew of other sites are ripe targets for your marketing dollar.

Don't believe me? Challenge accepted. Here are five marketing lessons we learned from Eat24:

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1. Porn Stars Will Tweet You Out So Their Fans Eat Out

Turns out famous porn stars like Tera Patrick, Daisy Lynn, and Andy San Dimas love Eat24's delivery app, so they tweet about it.

Talk about a symbiotic relationship. Eat24 pumps money into porn sites for advertising space, and the porn stars from those sites tell their swarms of followers about the glories of receiving late-night pizza without the hassle of wearing clothing. Think about all the young men who fantasize about these women, and what influence the stars have upon their sex-craved psyches. If that won't convince young bachelors to spend their hard-earned cash on a service/product, I don't know what will. Moral of the story: sex sells.

2. There's Not a Lot Of Stiff Competition

30% of all web traffic is porn-related. When 2/3rds of men and 1/3rds of women admit to watching porn (keyword being "admit"), it would be foolish not to bombard them with advertising, especially when you're prompting a delivery app.

Since 70% of men who watch porn are between 18 and 24, you know they probably don't have culinary skills beyond using the microwave; also, most porn is watched at night, when many people are tired from their 9-5, don't live near any open restaurants, and simply don't have the energy to do anything more than fool around with their smart phone (aside from ... you know).


3. Someone Needs to Be the First to Go All In

What is most porn site advertising space dedicate to? Penis-enhancement pills, more porn, and tacky/fake personal ads. Eat24's ads stick out, and so could yours! While it makes sense that people enjoying some solo time in front their computer screen at two in the morning might crave some easy grub, who knows. They might also want to buy some new bedsheets, a self-help book, or acne treatments.

The porn world is your oyster.

4. It Gets More Bang For Your Buck

Eat24's banners had three times the impact of their ads running on Twitter, Facebook, and Google combined. Let your mind process that. Tens of thousands of porn lovers clicked on their ads, which translated into cold, hard cash.

Their return on the investment was huge. If you want to reach the most possible customers on a tight budget, consider digging out sites in the nether regions of your browser history for good ideas.

5. Porn Ads Tap It When the Mood is Right

Let's say you're looking to sell some of your delicious bagels to some Houston natives on their commute to work. Solution? Advertise on a porn site.

Or, hypothetically, you sell up-scale suits you want to see on CNN next time there's a sex scandal. Washington, D.C.'s politicians like some time alone in the wee hours in the morning, so why not put your ad on a porn site?

Eat24 found that different regions of the country tend to watch porn at certain times, so take advantage of it!