Max Mosley Sex Scandal Even Weirder Than Previously Thought


Max Rufus Mosley, the former president of the Federation International de l'Automobile (FIA) has gotten caught up in a media maelstrom upon suing Google for retaining evidence of his sexual escapade from 2008.

In 2008, former British tabloid News of the World published information about Mosley's sexual escapade involving five women. Angered and embarrassed, Mosley sued the tabloid magazine for their intrusion and won £60,000 from the case in the United Kingdom. Evidence of the scandal still exists on Google search, which caused Mosley to sue the internet firm in France and Germany. He demanded Google filter the evidence from its search engine.

Mosley deserves the privacy he has set out to gain, but he must realize that Google cannot filter the evidence. He wants Google to filter thumbnail images of the video or links to it from its search results. Google disagrees with allowing automated filtering of content as doing so would create a form of censorship. 

Celebrities use different strategies to handle negative publicity, which sometimes involve payoffs, which could easily backfire since doing so implies the celebrity is hiding something from the public, thus exacerbating the problem itself and marring the celebrity's image.

Rather than moving on, celebrities dwell on issues of the past and use resources to accomplish their "goals." Mosley is a prime example as he is attempting to force Google to filter his personal history from its search results. A proposal called "right to be forgotten" is Mosley's only means of persuading Google to filter this evidence from search results. While Mosley is using his resources and legal action to fulfill his "goal," his effort is flawed because Google has no control links that originated on other websites.

Mosley must realize that his money, resources, and persuasion have a limits since Google is not responsible for website links like images or videos that remind the public of Mosley's escapade. Thus, Mosley's current crisis is a lesson to celebrities: their resources cannot interfere with the law.