These Kids Are Seriously Pissed That David Petraeus is Teaching at CUNY


City University of New York students aggressively harassed former CIA director General David Petraeus as he walked to a lecture on Monday. Impressively, Petreaus maintained his calm despite the nasty accusations hurled at him (Take notes, Anthony Weiner).

Ever since his appointment in April as a Visiting Professor of Public Policy, liberal students and professors at CUNY have criticized his oversight of the Iraq War and use of drones. Students also criticized his $200,000 salary while other adjunct professors earned only a couple thousand dollars per course. On average, even full-time professors made less than $90,000. The backlash eventually forced CUNY to drop his annual pay to $1.

Petraeus will be teaching a three-hour-a-week seminar to 16 students on the creation of a "North American Decade." 16 CUNY graduate students will assist in grading, and three Harvard graduate students helped with the creation of the syllabus. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Southern California.