Our Soldiers Need Your Help — What Will You Do to Answer Their Call?


Warriors are defined as brave or experienced fighters, and they are waging a battle on Facebook and Twitter — where they are begging you to pay attention.

Whether is a "we’re tired and stretched thin" message on Syria or a "we are suffering and going broke waiting on our benefits" or a "help, they are taking our homes" message, our warriors are need our protection from the whims of an irresponsible Congress. Luckily, we have the most powerful tools the world has ever known: our right to vote, our right to speak freely, and our right to write freely.

One soldier held a mirror to our collective faces in a way that really resonated online. Even if it is a compilation of thoughts from warriors, it is worth considering. Read this post and ask yourself one question: Am I really going to sit around while our warriors plead for my help?