A Father Yells At a Transgender Teen Shopping For A Prom Dress — You Won't Believe What Happens Next


A father begins to yell at a transgender teen shopping for a prom dress. In the video you are about to see, the customers in the clothing store gather to comfort the teen and counsel the family about gender roles and respect for one another.

Featured on ABC News' What Would You Do? the video begins with an intro from Glee, after which we see see two actors dress up — one as a transgender female beginning her transition who is shopping for a prom dress, and one as her supportive mother. The hidden cameras capture others in the store assisting the teenager as she chooses a dress, and stay on as the father (another actor) walks over to intervene. The others in the store react in a real, candid way — and you won't believe what happens next!

So, what would you do?