Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota Face Off in the General Election


Bill Thompson is scheduled to concede the NYC democratic primary for mayor Monday morning at 11 a.m. EST on the steps of City Hall. So, is Bill de Blasio Mayor of NYC? Not yet, and given how the campaign is shaping up, the general election on November 5 could be tight. At the least, it will present a stark choice.

The general election could be tight. Joe Lhota was the winner of the Republican primary and will face Bill de Blasio in November. 

"Lhota will be competitive in November against de Blasio because they present such striking polar opposites," says George Artz, former journalist and press secretary to former Mayor Edward Koch. "I think there are many people who when they focus on de Blasio will think that Lhota may be an option for them."

Bill de Blasio is focused on a number of Democratic priorities and among other things, has pledged to seek tax increases on top income earners to pay for universal pre-K education. 

“That’s not going to do one bloody thing to solve income inequity,” Lhota said, in reference to de Blasio's pre-K initiative. “Preschool programs, though, are absolutely needed. The difference between Bill and I is he wants to raise money through taxes.”

That's one example of the candidates differences in approach, and a familiar theme. On November 5, NYC voters will have a real choice to make.