Navy Yard Shooting Victims: "Very Fluid Situation"


Dr. Janis Orlowski, chief medical officer at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, issued a press conference saying she has three wounded individuals in the hospital, and expects more are on the way. Among those injured are a DC police officer shot in the leg, a woman with a gunshot to the shoulder, and a "young lady" with a gunshot wound the the head and the hand.  "All of them are alert and speaking at the time," she said. 

“Their chances for survival are very good,” Orlowski said.

She indicated that there are individuals at the scene who have died, although she cannot confirm the number of deaths. One of the wounded victims was taken from the Navy Yard center's rooftop via helicopter. The hospital has been provided increased security as the situation is ongoing.

MedStar Hospital Center is the largest private hospital in Washington, DC. It serves as the teaching hospital for Georgetown University School of Medicine.

The Associated Press is reporting that a shooter at the Navy Yard has died, citing a federal law enforcement official.

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