Washington Navy Yard Shooting a False Flag, Say Conspiracy Theorists

If history is any guide, conspiracy the Monday morning's fatal shootings at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard will be declared a "false flag" operation perpetrated by the government in an effort to enact gun control legislation. Leading the charge, as always, is Alex Jones and his inforwars.com. While little is known and details are scant, Infowars is already juxtaposing Monday's shooting with President Obama's appearance on ABC's This Week, in which he discussed gun control. 

As with other incidents, such as April's Boston Marathon bombing, and December's shooting in Newtown, Conn., Jones and Infowars have already started to follow the tin-foil hat-wearer's playbook step by step. They will seize upon early conflicting eyewitness accounts in an effort to cast doubts on the "official story," which they of course will deem to be a false flag operation by the Obama administration to curtail citizens' Second Amendment right to bear arms.