Homeless Guy Found Backpack With Thousands Of Dollars and Did WHAT With It?!


What would you do if you discovered a bag full of money?

One Boston homeless man decided to hand it over to the police. The homeless hero, who has remained publicly unnamed, has not only defied stereotypes of the homeless population, but has also promoted the goodwill of humanity. The lost backpack was found at the South Bay Mall in the city's Dorchester neighborhood at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday. It contained $2,400 in cash, about $40,000 in traveler's checks, Chinese passports, and other personal documents.

Many might wonder why the man didn't keep the money. As the Boston Herald reports, "People will probably tell him he's nuts, but homeless people are the first to help you out," said Bob Boisselle, who, like the nameless humanitarian, stays at the city's Long Island Shelter on Boston Harbor. "They don't have anything, but they'll give you what they do have."

Perhaps the fewer items an individual owns, the more he or she is willing to give up. Or maybe the homeless man empathized with the individual who misplaced his backpack. With one-third of homeless people facing untreated psychiatric issues, this maligned group in society is often tagged as bad or lazy. However, they are simply unsupported by the social system.

According to AOL Morning Rush, there have been no reports of a reward for the Boston homeless man. Police have confirmed the identity of the man who lost his backpack after he notified employees at the Best Buy store at the mall where he had misplaced it. The man was taken to the police station where he was confirmed the bag's rightful owner.

While this good deed may seem surprising, there have been numerous other cases where homeless people have returned items of value.