DC Navy Gunman Identified: Who Is Aaron Alexis?


A 34-year-old man from Fort Worth, Texas named Aaron Alexis was identified as the deceased gunman in the Navy Yard shooting in Washington D.C. Monday morning. 

The FBI issued an announcement seeking information about the deceased gunman responsible for shooting over a dozen innocent employees at the Naval center. Alexis was killed during the attack, and identified by authorities post mortem on Monday afternoon. According to the FBI, Alexis born in Queens NY in 1979. He is believed to have last resided in Fort Worth, Texas.

(via Every Joe)

An official told the AP that Alexis is believed to have gotten into the Navy Yard by using another person's ID card. It is unclear whether the card was stolen. Little is known as of yet about how Alexis got hold of an ID to enter the Navy building, and police still actively searching to identify accomplices. The suspect was identified by fingerprinting, as well by an identification card discovered on his person after he was deceased, police said.

According to his recently deleted LinkedIn page, Alexis did civilian work as a contractor for the US Navy and also worked at a company called SinglePoint. His college is listed as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is also listed under voter rolls in Queens borough in New York, where he is believed to have lived ten years ago, according to NBC.

Alexis is believed to have a criminal record. He allegedly shot a gun in a Fort Worth home in 2010, and was arrested during the incident and evicted from the Orion Oak Hill apartments in Fort Worth, Texas.

Alexis was identified through fingerprints and an identification card that was on the suspect's body, an official at the FBI field office told CNN.

Authorities have not yet identified a motive.