This Guy Was Robbing a Disabled Veteran — Until His Mom Stepped in


Who does the media focus on 99% of the time in a crime? The victim, the witness, the responding officers, and of course the criminal. But today's story gives us a new angle, when the perpetrator's mother becomes the hero of the day.

Kansas City citizen Mrs. Bray stunned the nation by turning in her own 18-year-old son after he had robbed (twice) and assaulted a disabled 85-year-old military vet. Both her son, Michael, and his eight other partners from Missouri were caught on video badly beating and invading the vet's home, stealing a rifle, a handgun, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and a smart phone, KCTV-TV reported.

As footage spread throughout local media, Mrs. Bray took the undoubtedly heart-wrenching and challenging high road. She confronted her son. Once he confessed to her, she subsequently persuaded and drove her son to the Kansas City Police Department’s Center Patrol Station to be turned in to the authorities.

Due to his mother's support and critical convincing action, Michael Bray was able to work out a plea deal with detectives, ultimately charging him with first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, and two counts of armed criminal action. Most his crew is still at large, although a surprisingly young boy of 14 who worked with Bray has been apprehended and has been charged in juvenile court.

Shawn Smith, a neighbor of the victim, said "I think that's great. Parents by all means should not uphold their children when they know they are wrong." And although likely every reader sympathizes with a distressed mother, many have come to agree that her actions were not just the best for her community, but for her son. "I know it's a tough decision to make. You're forced with protecting your child or loving your child and doing what's right. But at the end of the day, you have to do what's right, especially when they violate someone else's sense of privacy and security."

Mrs. Bray, the world commends your action, your dedication to your family, and your outstanding strength of character.