New Never Before Seen Footage Of 9/11 Will Give You Chills


A new video surfaced on the internet and arrived just after the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. According to, the video features "never before seen footage in NYC on 9/11."

Some of the clips seem unquestionably accurate. These include shots of the thoroughly dusty streets that only explosions of 9/11's magnitude could create. Others feature confusing dialogue. We don't always see the speakers' faces, rendering subtitles necessary.

The video begins with a distant, fleeting shot of one of the towers after they was hit. Thick dark smoke poured steadily from the sides and top. The rest of the 14 minutes jumps from shot to shot of peoples' reactions to the explosions.

In some of the more chaotic scenes, commentary ranges from "Go home, go home!" to "It's terrorists attacks, it's terrorist attacks! They're blowing up the building!"

Other clips feature interviews with New Yorkers, some bewildered at the idea that the towers no longer stand while others wonder at the validity of the attacks and throw around speculations such as "inside job."

It's unclear as to whether or not the footage was compiled using various cameras, or how any of this footage was even acquired.

Be your own judge of the video.


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