A Cancelled Wedding Became the Most Feel Good Story Of the Year

ByKeshar Patel

The Fowler family from Atlanta, Georgia proved that every cloud has a silver lining. When their daughter's wedding was cancelled just 40 days before the big day, Willie and Carol Fowler had already paid for the venue, entertainment, and food. Instead of cancelling the event, Willie Fowler insisted on turning the wedding reception into a charity for the homeless. With the help of Hosea Feed The Hungry, a non-profit organization, the Fowlers arranged for 200 homeless people to join them for great food and good fun.

A member of Hosea Feed The Hungry, Quisa Foster, told ABC News that she believed the offer was a prank. It seemed too good to be true. She said it was too "creme de la creme" to be believable. The Fowlers insisted and set up a meeting to show their honest intentions. Soon enough the organization transported women, children, and families suffering from extreme poverty to the banquet.

Children ate chicken fingers, French fries, chocolate chip cookies, and fresh fruit. The adults ate salmon and chicken. Aside from enjoying the pure bliss of full stomachs and care-free fun, children were entertained by face-painting, clowns, and juggling. Foster emphasized how all the plates were wiped clean, and there was no leftover food.

It is rare that a girl dreams of homeless people taking over her wedding reception, but this bittersweet situation brought the best out of the Fowlers' daughter and family as a crestfallen situation became something of splendour. The Fowlers hope to turn the event into a yearly tradition by incorporating an educational element into the affair.